A personal note from Pat

Hi, I’m Pat Veling, CEO and President of Real Data Strategies. Thanks for considering us as your real estate analysis partner.

Having grown our business through three complete real estate market cycles, we have learned a great deal from and about our most successful clients.

If you are considering an investment in analysis and consulting services to grow your business, you may want to know what they know:

  • The value of data-based intelligence is necessary for every real estate market cycle. Opportunities for growth are available in all markets. In a rising market, value is created by anticipating nascent growth areas before the competition. Growth opportunities are abound in a shrinking market as well, when those who are less capable are vulnerable to market conditions and to competitive pressures. Successful companies, which invest in protection or expansion of their positions, will enjoy huge returns when there is a market rebound. (And there is ALWAYS a market rebound.)
  • Real estate analysis requires a different set of skills and professional practices than real estate brokerage. Successful firms do not trust their accounting or legal representation to their office managers, yet many rely on their office managers — or even agents — for market share or other data gleaned from their MLS systems. A review of our practices, methods and intelligent results should prove that our space is a specialty. Our most successful clients call it a science. We call it fun and exciting.
  • The best and most intelligent data is actionable. It helps our clients to see opportunities and risks from a top-down understanding. It leads them to initial conclusions, and to additional questions about the detail of the analysis results. It drives their actions of planning, execution and accountability to results. It then provides benchmarks for measurements of their success.

In an industry with too much data at its disposal, we strive for understanding. That’s what makes us unique. That’s our primary value proposition. That’s what our clients appreciate most about us. You will, too.

Take a look around. Get to know us a bit and when you’re ready to experience the combined value of data-based intelligence and a consultant who becomes part of your team, please feel free to call me directly at 714.990.4411 x111.

You have my word that every Real Data Strategies staff member will treat you and your analysis needs with unparalleled attention to detail while delivering stellar customer service.