Who we are

We provide our clients with the basics of MLS data aggregation, such as market share and marketplace sales activity, but we don’t stop there. Review of our customized data analysis information, will quickly prove that Real Data Strategies has no competition in these most important areas of industry understanding.

The Real Data Strategies Consulting Team

Patrick Veling, CEO and President

Pat is Chief Executive Officer and President of Real Data Strategies, the leading firm for real estate data analysis & consulting, and third party provider to media on real estate market statistics, facts and economic trends.

As founder of the firm in 1992, Patrick’s experience consulting to real estate networks, independent brokerages, management, banking institutions, top agents and other service providers has rewarded Real Data Strategies and its staff with some of the largest real estate organizations as clients.

Pat is a real estate veteran with over 20 years of real estate brokerage experience in management, recruiting, and sales training. He is the leading expert on computerized MLS systems having first-hand analysis and interface experience with more than 300 associations. It’s how he and his team transform information into true intelligence that their clients are able to apply to their business strategies and growth goals.

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Rachel Waguespack, Field Consultant and Analyst

Rachel has 20 years of experience in MLS data analysis. As the RDS Midwest field consultant, Rachel works with franchisors and real estate brokerages of all sizes to help them accomplish recruiting and expansion goals. She is adept in training her clients to understand the many facets of the RDS tool set. Rachel’s clients are able to turn MLS data into meaningful competitor insights necessary for targeted business decisions. Rachel’s background is in statistical data analysis, geography and computerized mapping systems. She strives to make data exciting and understandable to all hierarchy levels within the organizations she helps.

Christine Nguyen, Data Analyst

Christine is our expert who analyzes and builds custom databases, reports and graphs. She joined us in mid-2007 having been with a national real estate franchise for 6 years. She operates Real Data Strategies’ full relational databases designed for marketing, recruiting & retention, brokerage benchmarking, and mergers & acquisitions. She is an integral team member involved in our data process. Management Information Systems (MIS) was her concentration at California State University, Fullerton.