Intelligent Data Is the Cornerstone

Of course, we provide our clients with the basics of MLS data aggregation, such as market share and marketplace sales activity, but we don’t stop there. Review of our customized data analysis information will quickly prove that Real Data Strategies has no competition in these most important areas of industry understanding.

At Real Data Strategies, we gather data from MLS systems throughout the U.S. and Canada to provide strategic, customized and highly actionable analysis and consulting services. We help organizations grow their revenue base, streamline their back office operations, and improve their profitability. We are unique because we do not just deliver data or reports. We work in partnership with our clients for the all important understanding of how data-based facts and findings impact their current and future plans, as well as the long-term success of their business.

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With more than one million, keyboard-challenged real estate agents as the source, MLS data is notoriously inaccurate. We carefully review closed transaction and industry data for accuracy, and

  • Remove all duplicate records
  • Correct all bad list and sales prices
  • Correct inaccurate property geography, and
  • Report buyer transaction sides (agency relationships) as accurately as possible, including verifiable and non-verifiable results.


With more than 750 MLS systems and many platform vendors across North America, real estate organizations that span multiple markets and MLS systems have the unique challenge of enforcing consistent and standardized behavior of all MLSs across their organizational footprint. Real Data Strategies ensures this critical standardization in all of its deliveries of analysis and consulting services, tools and products. For example, all products created for our clients from the MRIS Multiple Listing Service on the east coast look, function and behave exactly like those from the California Regional Multiple Listing Service on the west coast.

Third-Party Objectivity

Real Data Strategies consults with many of North America’s leading and competing real estate networks and brokerage firms, and is independently owned and operated. Analysis results from Real Data Strategies are trusted to always be delivered by an objective third party, with findings supported by accuracy and truth.