Real Data Strategies’ training programs are designed with our client’s organization and culture in mind. The best analysis tools and products are only the best if their results are understood and translated to action by our users. We take pride in developing customized training and immersing our clients for their maximum strategic use. Training is always included as part of the Real Data Strategies’ client relationship. From overviews on our Data Doorway web-based platform, to regular and frequent one-on-one coaching sessions utilizing our quarterly MetriX reports & relational databases, our clients are never left to figure things out on their own.

Data Doorway 24/7 Online Training

We provide Data Doorway training that our clients can access on demand and approach at a comfortable and convenient self-study pace. The 24/7 online training is a great tool for clients who may have already attended a live class or a company orientation, but desire to come back and refresh themselves on any of the sessions to reinforce learning. Our training sessions cover:

  • Generating a pipeline of recruiting candidates
  • Creating market data and listing sold charts
  • Generating listing sold and total side reports
  • Navigating and Using the Real Data Strategies’ MetriX Report

For details and access to the on-demand training courses, log in to Data Doorway, click on the Training option from the main menu to visit the 24/7 Online Training section.